Who are we?

Passionate traders & techies building amazing algo strategies for retail traders

Our Story

90% of traders lose money due to their emotions. Most of the successful traders are always quant / mechanical / systematic traders. Since we were from the IT industry, we decided to automate as many of our strategies as possible to keep 100% emotions at bay. Stratazon was born during the pandemic times to solve the crystal maze of derivative markets through our risk adjusted algo strategies for retail traders.

Our Vision

To become one of the best Algo trading firms in India.

Our Mission

To build 100 algo strategies with respectable returns & smooth equity curves to manage up to 1000 crores of trading fund successfully.

Our Values



Data Driven

Our Team

Ashok Devanampriya

Ashok Devanampriya

Chief Executive Officer

Mechanical Engineer from PESIT, MBA from Edinburgh University. His major areas of interests are Algorithms, Optimization models and time cycles.

Pradeep Nazre

Pradeep Nazre

Chief Strategy Officer

Management Degree from University of Liverpool. Successful trading strategy developer. His major areas of interests are Algo trading, strategy validation, back testing & integration

Arun Ayyar

Arun Ayyar

Chief Technology Officer

Ph.D. from IIT Madras. His major areas of interest are Software development, Technology adoption, system architecture and emerging technologies

Bhaskar M Reddy

Bhaskar M Reddy

Director - Sales & Marketing

MBA from Indian Business Academy. His major areas of interest are Marketing, sales, Product Strategy & partner development. Bhaskar joins the team as head of sales & marketing for Stratazon.